About Jackmate

product_images_6The JackMate™ replaces a standard lift jack’s limited capacity top clamp with a multipurpose attachment rated to the full capacity of the jack as a clamp, winch, spreader or a base.

The JackMate™ has been tested and fits all brands of lift jacks including Hi-Lift® Jack, Jackall®, Torin, Harbor Freight (Jacks), and others.


  • 8,000 lbs. working load rating with a 2:1 safety factor
  • Helps to prevent slipping and sinking
  • Back-up for the “Jaws of Life”®
  • Winches up to 4 tons
  • Thick powder coating resists corrosion
  • Winching is easier and safer. You can attach your 3/8″ chain, even if you don’t have a hook!
  • Spiked clawfoot™ bites into boards, logs, ice, or through gravel for greater stability
  • Installs in 5 minutes

Suggested Applications

  • Off-Road
  • Agriculture
  • Fire/Rescue
  • Industrial
  • Construction


  • As a top clamp, the JackMate™ dramatically increases the jack’s winching, clamping and crushing capabilities.
  • As a replacement for a jack base, the JackMate™ clawfoot spike base is engineered to “bite” into boards or logs to help prevent the jack from slipping or sinking in the mud, sand, ice and snow.
  • Winching is simpler and safer.
  • JackMate™ can even assist as a backup “Jaws of Life” rescue tool.
  • We highly recommend packing a JackMate™ before hitting the trails.

Durable Construction

  • Simple clevis pin attachment installs on your Lift Jack in seconds
  • A super-grip, diamond plate top
  • Wire fence pulling slot (and bottle opener)
  • An easy pin for attaching the JackMate™ to the jack
  • Quick release replacement pin for the jack’s base
  • Dedicated D-ring shackle hole & the 3/8″ chain slot, rated for 8000 lbs


Winner of the 2010 Best Off-Roading/4WD Product of the Year

AmericanFlagMade in the USA

The JackMate™ is proudly made in the USA of 100% American Steel by Rescue 42.

Lifetime Warranty

Installation Notes

Installs in 5 minutes.
Requires purchase of a Lift Jack. Lift Jacks are sold separately.

Patent Numbers 6,695,290 & 7,000,902