Making A Good Thing Better

  • 1005_8l_09+jackMate_lift_jack_accessory+perpendicular
  • 1005_8l_15+jackMate_lift_jack_accessory+jaws_of_life_attachment
  • 1005_8l_18+jackMate_lift_jack_accessory+crush_force
  • 1005_8l_19+jackMate_lift_jack_accessory+clamp_force

Every once in a while a product is released that is so simple in its design yet so versatile we wonder: Why didn’t we think of that? The JackMate was displayed in the new product showcase at the 2009 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Apparently, enough of the other 120,000 SEMA attendees agreed with our assessment and voted the JackMate®, by Rescue 42, Best New Off-Road/4WD Product of the Year.  More…